Pumpkin Squares

Many people ask, is canned pumpkin good for you? With vitamins A, C, and E galore – plus potassium, fiber and a even a little protein, the resounding answer is a big, YES! And its not just for pie, people!

Take advantage of canned pumpkin’s abundance this fall by making up a batch, or two, of these delicious pumpkin oatmeal squares! They’re gluten free, low in sugar, and make a delicious addition to your day!
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Cranberry Salsa

Love cranberries but don’t want to wait for Thanksgiving? Try ’em in a salsa! Say what? This recipe is choked-full of flavor and phytochemicals!

Who would think the combo of cranberries, chilies, cumin, sugar and cilantro would create such a tasty treat! Be a good guest and bring this to your next holiday party! You’ll both be a hit!
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