Plant-based Eating!

The longest-lived people are getting 95% of their calories from plants and only 5% from animal sources. 65% of the diet is whole grains, beans and starchy tubers. No matter where you go, the snack of choice is nuts.

People who eat nuts live 2-3 years longer than non-nut eaters. Found this at Kalani! Eat more plant based people!

The Right Tribe!

The people in the Blue Zones chose -or were born into- circles that support healthy behaviors. Research from the Framingham studies shows that smoking, obesity, happiness, and even loneliness are contagious.

Build a social network that supports health and wellness! Yep, Kalani provided me with a wonderful Tribe!

Move More!

The Blue Zones seniors are constantly active! They live in environments that nudge them into moving without thinking about it!

They’re getting their 10,000 steps via walking, hiking, tending to their gardens or fishing for their families dinner! Kalani’s campus was conducive to lots of natural movement!