10. Get an energy boost to start the day. Breakfast revs up the body’s metabolism giving you energy and fueling your muscles and brain.

9. Another opportunity to teach kids a lesson. Eating breakfast encourages kids to do the same, a practice that leads to better performance in school.

8. Builds strong bones. Many common breakfast foods are good sources of calcium (skim milk, low fat cheeses, 1% cottage cheese, and low fat and non fat yogurt).

7. Improves strength and endurance in the late morning for those late morning workouts.

6. Scares away the snack monster. Eating breakfast reduces impulses toward compulsive snacking.

5. Lowers cholesterol levels. Studies show people who eat a healthy breakfast have lower cholesterol levels than those who skip this meal.

4. Makes work or school more enjoyable. Studies show that eating breakfast improves attitude toward work or school and increase

3. Builds bigger muscles. Fueling your morning workout leads to increased intensity, performance and fitness gains

2. Starving in the morning leads to stuffing in the evening!

1. Loose weight and keep it off! Studies show that almost all individuals who successfully maintain weight loss eat breakfast daily!