Make sure you are properly hydrated! Dehydration can slow your metabolism and cause headaches. Who wants to work out if they have a headache? If you’re not getting your 8 glasses per day, lack of water may be causing you to eat more than you think!

Your brain mistakes thirst for hunger so you may reach for food when you really are thirsty. Dislike plain water? Add a splash of lemon, lime or orange for flavor and a little Splenda for sweetness.

Drink up! Water is the most overlooked nutrient when it comes to good health! An essential substance that comprises 55-70% of your weight

8 cups for average adults but athletes need 12 cups or more

The more muscle you have the more water you need

A natural appetite suppressant – people often mistake hunger for thirst

Helps prevent dry skin

Prevents dehydration

Keeps you regular

Helps your body metabolize and eliminate stored fat

Main component of blood & helps transport nutrients to the cells

Only nutrient besides carbohydratess that is shown to enhance performance soon after consumption

Use no other nutrient more quickly

Cushions brain and tissue joints